Son Of A Noble


Rs. 2,800



The Pocket Square Project - SNOB X Saloni Sinha

Saloni is an Illustrator & designer from India. Her approach to design is rooted in visual styling, conceptual thinking and experimentation. She has been working across different design fields - from illustrations, to new media and interactive design. Also an avid lover of music, Saloni has designed many covers and concert/event posters for bands. Over the years, her style has evolved from punk and gothic, to art that is more alternative. Her work contains bits of surrealism and whimsicality.

Saloni tends to draw inspiration from elements that surround her. Her caricatures of the outer space, amalgamates these elements into new shapes and renewed vision.




FABRIC - 100% Silk

PATTERN - Digital Print

FINISHING - Hand - Rolled

SIZE  - 14" x 14"


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